Ramadan Quotes & Sayings

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Ramadan (Arabic) is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar during which they fast. It is also called Ramazan (Turkish). Muslims fast over the entire one month and have food and drinks only before sunrise and sunset. During the entire time of fasting, Muslims refrain from consuming food, drinks, liquor and engaging in sexual relations. It is obligatory for every Muslim to fast on each particular day of this month, except in case of an illness, pregnancy or menstrual bleeding or while traveling. As per Islam, fasting reaps many rewards and these rewards are multiplied during the month of Ramadan. The beginning and end of Ramadan are determined by the lunar Islamic Calendar. The major observance during the entire month is that of fasting from sunrise to sunset. The meal before sunrise is called Suhoor and the meal after sunset is called Iftar. Muslims indulge in a lot of prayer and fasting during the month of Ramadan.



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