Holiday Quotes & Sayings

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Holiday is essential to take a break from the hard working days of a week. Generally, most of the countries have Sunday as the weekly holiday and wait for the rest of the week to enjoy the holiday. Of course, there may be certain other holiday, taken occasionally, but the weekly holiday is more cherished because it gives relief after a hectic activity of six days. Frank Tyger said, ‘when you like your work every day is a holiday”. Holiday is the time when you are your own self and sparks loving words and thoughts. If you have worked really hard for the entire week, you will look forward to holiday and enjoy it to rejuvenate your self and get the energy to carry on further tasks ahead. A holiday is made better when it is spent with your loved ones rather than spending it all alone. Here are inspiring quotes on holiday given by people from all sections of the society. Read them and enjoy your holiday.



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