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Allah is God as perceived by the Muslim Doctrine. For the Muslims, the one and only way to refer to God is “Allah”. The word has an Arabic origin. In Pre-Islamic Arabia, Allah word was used by the Meccans to refer to the creator of the world and the giver of rain. Allah was not considered Divine that time. Allah and his blessings were simultaneously invoked in the times of distress. From the inscriptions of Nabataea’s, it was clear that Allah was worshiped as main God and all other Gods were given secondary status. Several compound names used by Nabataea’s involved the usage of the word Allah. For example, Abd Allah implied Servant of Allah, Aush Allah implied Faith of Allah, Amat Allah implied She-servant of Allah, Shalm Allah implied Peace of Allah and Wahab Allah implied gift of Allah. According to Islamic faith, Allah is the proper name of God and submission to his divinity that is the pivotal part of Islamic Faith.



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