Survival Quotes & Sayings

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Survival is existence after endurance. Every seed and life on earth fights for its survival and the motto of nature is “survival of the fittest”. In order to get along with survival, it is clear that some species adapt themselves to the surroundings. This is true not only for plants and animals but also to humans. We have to get along with our surroundings and strike a balance with others in order to survive. “It is neither the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change ‘said Charles Darwin, the father of evolution. Thus we see survival is a fight, a contest and an essential entity. “To survive, it is often necessary to fight and to fight you have to dirty yourself” are the words of George Orwell. These quotes on survival help to offer endurance and a renewed spirit when you read them.


Dr Anil Kumar Sinha

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