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Quotes About I Dont Want To Lose You
Quotes about I_Dont_Want_To_Lose_You
The words, “I still love you” are said to someone in case you continue feeling for someone post your relationship has gone kaput. It hardly happens this way that you continue loving someone intensely even after you have broken up with him or her. You should say this to someone if you really mean it and want your beloved back in your life. Misunderstandings can always creep in a relationship. So, if you feel that the major flaw in your relationship was simply a string of misunderstandings which can be resolved, you can still ignite you’re the same old feelings between you and your partner. It is never too late to realize that you love someone badly and want him or her back. Steve Lacy had once remarked, “I still love the whole history of jazz. The old things sound better than ever.”