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Swag is essentially a wreath or foliage of flowers or fruit used basically for ornamental purposes. It is a festoon which is very heavy at the centre. Swag is also used as an ornamental drapery or a curtain draped in a curve between two points. The term is also used as slang for stolen property or valuables and property acquired by illicit means. Swag also has many interpretations. Besides the one’s mentioned above the others include a swaying or irregular motion, any bundle of luggage similarly rolled up. Amongst others it also means to hang or move, as something loose and heavy or to sway and swing. Swag also implies, to sink down by its weight or to sag when used without any object. To quote the famous pop artist Drake, “Finally here, I'm a star with the timing, my swag is chill, and my flow is reclining”


Annie Nicholas

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