Approval Quotes & Sayings

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Approval is the assertion for our actions and it must first come from our own self. Mark Twain says a man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. Then we should take the approval of other necessary people. This approval should be confined to only necessary people because if we start leaning on too many people for approval, it would become a bed of throne. Our conscience is the best judge and the first approval must come from there. In trying to get the approval of too many people, the risk is that you will lose your own identity. Please all and you please none, is the proverb. Approval also has the tendency to tie you down and make you the prisoner. Further, approval is like a medicine or an addiction that has to be taken in small doses because an overdose is likely to kill the person. These are some of the quotes on approval and they throw light on the views on approval.


Sonya Parker

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