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Consciousness is the state of being aware of one’s surroundings. A state of being unaware on the other hand is called unconsciousness. Consciousness is vital for every person. It keeps him alert and vigilant. He knows the path that he’s following, is aware of the repercussions of treading that path and this makes him responsible for everything good or wrong that happens to him. Several drugs are available to drive a person into a state of unconsciousness. A person who is not in a state of consciousness loses control of him and can be easily misguided or even exploited by others. Ernest Dimnet remarked regarding consciousness that, “A book, like a landscape is a state of consciousness varying with readers.” Consciousness can be sustained if one stays away from intoxicating stuff and keeps them at arm’s length. Being conscious or vigilant is a quality that every human being should possess to succeed in life.


Carlton Pearson

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