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Ballin is an acronym that is used to refer to playing football. But it is more frequently used to refer to someone who is living a good life. Ballin is a way of saying that a person is cool or he or she has nice things on and so on. Being ballin shows how we react to the happenings around us. If we take things easy and cool in our life, nothing can stop us from succeeding. All the hurdles can be thwarted easily with our cool and gentle attitude. It should be practiced all the time and will become our way of life. To quote wiz khalifa, “ballin is not a hobby, it’s my occupation”. To see the other side it, if we get jittery over small maters, it will only make things worse and create more chaos. So, being ballin is a sign of maturity and growing up mentally. Read these quotes, they are interesting.

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