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Body is the most primary possession of the soul. “Begin to see you as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul” said Wayne Dyer. But the body has so many things to perform whose name, fame and everything depends upon these actions. The body is the greatest asset that a soul possesses and has every right to defend and keep it on good health. To achieve this, the mind has to be in sound condition. Napoleon Bonaparte said, “The best sure for the body is a quite mind “the body is more sacred than anything. It is our duty to take full care of our body. The eyes occupy the highest and most important place in the body and are in fact windows to our feelings, emotions and so on. Even if the person wants to tell a lie, sometimes, the body may not agree and the body language ahs the tendency to reveal the truth such is the power of body and has to be utilized in the right way and preserved properly.


Billy Graham

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