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Being content is all about being satisfied and happy with one’s present state of affairs. There are different things that provide contentment to different people. Money can make several people content while on the other hand for some people contentment comes with attainment of career goals. Contentment can also be attained with love and happiness. Being content is essential to stay happy and blissful. One should be satisfied with whatever one gets and continue to strive further to accomplish more goals. Being content is a way of being grateful and expressing your gratitude to God, regarding your current state of affairs. Contentment is a really relative term as something which makes you content might not provide contentment or satisfaction to someone else. Be content with everything that you have and just keep on working hard to attain and accomplish all the more in life. Life is brief, a little hope, a little dream and so everything that comes your way should be gratefully accepted and acknowledged. In the words of Bernard Meltzer, “Success is getting and achieving what you want. Happiness is wanting and being content with what you get.”



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