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Being unique is all about being different from others because of some peculiar trait. You ought to be unique from others in some particular way because God has made all of us unique. Being unique is about possessing that one characteristic that distinguishes you from others. It is said that all of us, being creations of God, are unique and entirely different from others. Each of us has an individual identity. Otherwise too, you can work towards developing some quality within you that makes you a cut above the rest. It is fun being unique and it feels better to be acknowledged or praised for your uniqueness. There will be hardly any person you would not like to cultivate some unique habit or quality. Being unique is obviously something that gets you some noteworthy appreciation and notification. As a matter of fact, the sole aim of mankind is to achieve and be appreciated for something unique and “out of the box”. In the words of Paul Macdonald, “I don't want to be the cliché American Idol dude. I want to be different, you know - that's the whole goal, me and music. It's about being yourself and being unique.”


Sonya Parker

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