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Conformity is sticking to normal conventions, traditions and rules. Conformity is not something that the modern age indulges in. Youngsters of today set their own rules and live their life as per their own wishes and whims. Conformity sounds boring at times, since it does not invite change. Change is always welcomed and desired. Conformity is desirable when it comes to carrying out social ceremonies, rituals etc. Herein, lies the importance of sticking to old conventions regardless of the era that you are living in. In the words of Karel Reisz, "A big element of what they regard conformity is simply a desire to have an audience." Someone who advocates the idea of sticking to rules, conventions, traditions laid by our ancestors wants to pull people on his side and turn them into his audience or followers. Conformity is an obsolete and outdated idea today and is no more practiced.


Malika E Nura

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