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Egotism is the quality of being extremely self-conceited or self-absorbed. Egotists have a high opinion of themselves and are mostly involved in their own thoughts. They have a feeling of being a cut above the rest and better than the majority of people around them. Egotism is a negative quality because it makes one proud and conceited about one’s achievements. In the words of Barbara Stanwyck, “Egotism is usually just a case of mistaken no-entity”. Egotists are recognized as people who are too much obsessed with themselves and their achievements. They generally don’t feel the need of mixing up with others and in knowing them. In the words of Frank Leahy, “Egotism is the anaesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.” Egotism is not a quality that is appreciated by others, so never grow into an egotist. People consider apology as egotism wrong side out. Shun egotism and don’t become conceited or self-obsessed.



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