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Duty means any moral or legal obligation that is imposed upon a human being. Duty is a regular work or task that someone has to do as a part of their jobs. Duty must be performed to ensure peace, prosperity and happiness of oneself. Human beings owe a lot to their bodies which need to kept fit and agile. If you take care of your body, your body takes care of you. In the words of Buddha, “To keep body in good health is a duty; otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” One should always believe in doing the regular task or work that is assigned to us as our duty. Never run away from performing your duty. If you stick to performing your duty, your hard work and efforts will definitely bear some fruit. Duty and hard work never goes unrewarded. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “Only aim to do your duty, and mankind will give you credit where you fail.”


Nelson Brown

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