Happy Easter Quotes & Sayings

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Telling someone to have a Happy Easter is wishing a person well in celebrating the holiday tradition of Easter. Easter Day also known as Resurrection Day is the day that is said that Jesus Christ arose from the dead onto the Earth to show everyone that he still lived, and into the heavens shortly after to sit on the right hand side of God, three days after he was crucified for the sins of everyone in the world. Easter is celebrated differently by many different civilizations across the world. In the western civilization Easter is celebrated by a sunrise service for most churches, and with the decoration of eggs. Eggs are also hidden for those of a younger age to go find them, and to keep the prizes inside. The Easter bunny is also a big part of the commercial aspect of Easter in the Western world, and helps produces millions of dollars in the sale of candy and greeting cards during Easter Day weekend.


Malika E Nura

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