Being A Girl Quotes & Sayings

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Being a girl has many more advantages than drawbacks. A girl is a bundle of surprises, joy, happiness, charm, liveliness and all the good adjectives found in the dictionary. It is the proudest moment for a mother when she gives birth to a girl baby but the baby does not remain a child for ever. “She is a child and then, one morning you wake up, she is a woman and a dozen different people of whom you recognize none” said, Louis L’amour. Little girls are just angels who haven’t yet spread their wings. There is no end to the fun, frolic, bubbly enthusiasm, love and eagerness expressed by a girl. Man has great love for his wife, certain ambitions for his son but for a daughter, there are no words to describe the emotions and feelings. There are hundreds of quotes on being a girl some of which are the personal experiences and some are the feelings expressed by their dear ones. Send them to your friends and share the feel of being a girl.



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