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Girl power is a term coined by the Pop Group the “Spice Girls” in the 1990’s and turned into a phenomenon, causing many women to believe in the power that they have as a gender, and as individuals as well. This phenomenon started in the 90’s and carried over into the next decade as well. Though the “Girl Power” term is not used as much as it was in earlier decades, it seems as though this movement had a great lasting effect on women who came up during this generation and their offspring as well. Today women are bridging gaps with their male counterparts, and are more successful in important areas such as the workplace, and in educational settings worldwide. Though some critics link the Girl Power movement with sexualism, many see it as uplifting, providing women with positive, uplifting attitudes, centered around being ambitious and assertive, in order to present their best selves to the world as possible.


Diane Mariechild

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