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I hate life is generally the statement of a person who is extremely depressed with the state of affairs in his life and has had some bitter experiences in life. His life lacks amusement, fun, mirth and laughter. Any person who is lonely and has been a victim of solitude all his life starts hating life. Life is the same old boring, routine, strange and humdrum affair for him. But one must realize that life happens when you are busy planning. A few moments of peace, happiness, fun and frolic that come your way should be gratefully acknowledged and accepted. Great opportunities seldom knock at your day. Life is all about making it large and living it to the fullest. “I hate my life” are the words of a pessimist who just cannot view the glass as half full and invariably views it as half-empty. Life is present or gift of God. So one should feel extremely blessed and privileged to be gifted with this present called “life” and should enjoy every bit of bit. Hating life is extremely foolhardy. Caskie Stinnett had once remarked, “I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.”



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