Broken Trust Quotes & Sayings

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Trust is broken in a relationship when one person fails to stay loyal to the other person. Broken trust leads to deterioration of the relationship. It is hard to win back or repair trust once it is broken. Loyalty and faithfulness to the ones we love helps in nurturing solid relationships and in strengthening their foundation. Broken trust really causes pain and suffering and the person whose trust gets broken often gets badly hurt and wounded. These wounds and the pain that they cause take a lot of time to heal. One should stay loyal when in a relationship and should not break the trust of our beloved or our near and dear ones. Broken trust hurts and causes a lot of pain and trauma. The best thing is to turn over a new leaf and start afresh when someone breaks your trust and let the bygones be bygones. Analyzing what went wrong and how things can become normal will hurt you even more.



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