Abuse Quotes & Sayings

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Abuse of words is an act of insensibility because when we abuse a person, it shows the superiority complex we have the inner sadist character that is hidden within us and the remnants of barbarism that we carry along. Abuse of words are the worst kind of injustice because once we utter a word, we cannot take it back and is indelible by any thing in this world. It cannot be erased by time or any other compensatory actions.

As the saying goes, when you abuse a person you make more friends for him and it is an addition to the list of enemies for you. Lord chesterfield said, an injury is much sooner forgotten that an insult and the following other quotes on abuse open the window to the good world of happiness, peace and love whereas the window to bad traits should be shut. Send them to your friends to read them and cherish their values



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