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Cheesy love is all about using funny pick-up lines to impress your partner. A multitude of cheesy love quotes and sayings can be found on sites such as Google and Yahoo. Cheesy love quotes and sayings are witty sayings and quotes which can be used to make your partner quite loved and special. In the words of Clay Aiken, “I know this is going to sound cheesy and like I'm trying to be Miss America, but the most important responsibility a celebrity has is to set an example and be a role model.” Cheesy love is synonymous to corny love. Cheesy love quotes, sayings and proverbs are innumerable and plenty. To make your beloved feel special and over the moon, you can dedicate one of those special cheesy lines, quotes and poems to your loved one. In the words of Kaley Cuoco, “Finally there was a moment when it just hit me. John wouldn't want me to sit on my butt for the rest of my life feeling sorry for myself or sorry for him. As cheesy as it sounds, he would have wanted us to go on.”



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