Addiction Quotes & Sayings

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Addiction takes various forms that of money, drugs, alcohol, or even idealism. Addiction in any form is dangerous and has to be dealt with in the initial stage itself. The claws of addiction tend to go around the person without the knowledge of the person and slowly takes full control of him. Those who argue that they drink to gulp down their sorrows should be informed that sorrow knows how to swim said Ann Landers.

Addiction to money is also hazardous because as long as it stays in moderate level, it is ok but when taken in excess, it cause harm to the health. It needs the support of family and friends for an addict to come out of this habit and therefore, he or she is in a pitiable situation. The quotes of those who have overcome addition is a lesson for those who are still addicts and useful for others too. Send them as ecard or through mail to your friends.


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