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Prevention helps you to alleviate a lot of problems. Wise people choose prevention so that they do not get into unwanted troubles. There are quite a few instances where we cannot foresee the consequences but most of the problems in our life can be stopped by taking intelligent prevention measures.” “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure “said Henry de Brocton. Prevention is the most useful action while we deal with diseases. Science and technology have improved to such a great extent that we can prevent almost all kinds of diseases through medicine and lead a healthy life. Similarly, bad habits are very infectious and tend to get on us easily. These bad habits can also be prevented in the early stage itself and avoid major problems, later on. Wars are man’s worst nightmare. Only if peace talks are initiated as soon as a difference of opinion arises, wars can be certainly prevented, which is a great help to humanity. Here are quotes on prevention. Read them they are useful.


Sonya Parker

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