Funny New Years Resolution Quotes & Sayings

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Funny New Year's resolution is something that all of us make when a New Year starts. Resolutions are made at the beginning of each New Year with a firm resolve to stick to those resolutions. But resolutions are hard to commit and realize. People rather end up making funny New Year's resolutions such as losing weight, giving up on their old habits, giving up on cigarettes and drinking etc. The strange thing about resolutions is that they are very hard to realize and adhere to. New Year resolution should be realistic and practical i.e. something you feel that you can accomplish and realize. Smarter goals and resolutions are easier to realize. Funny New Year's resolutions are mad and insane goals which are probably made in some moments of madness. Goals and resolutions which terminate quite early are the ones which were not made willingly. Will power is a crucial factor to realize any goal, whatsoever.


Nia Vardalos

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