Caution Quotes & Sayings

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Caution is the parent of safety. We have to exercise caution on all our actions lest we repent for our wrong actions. Prevention is better than cure. Instead of lamenting over spilt milk, it is better to be cautious of what would happen to our actions, and take necessary steps to prevent it. “Beware of silent dogs and still waters” is a Portuguese proverb. Wise are those who exercise cautions in their words, actions and deeds. Very often, caution is derived from the experience of others who have suffered because of their absence of forethought. But there are certain things where being overcautious leads to inaction. hence there is a distinct line between being cautious and overcautious. This thin line is significant in all our actions. In order to live a safe and secure life without being fooled by anyone, it is better to be cautious. Read these quotes on cautions and be wise.



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