Certainty Quotes & Sayings

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Certainty gives us a sense of hope, freedom and the strong will to carry on but it is not guaranteed that certainty does exists in all matters. Nothing is certain in this world except for the word certainty. Of course, strong belief offers a sense of certainty; it gives the power to accomplish something, if this sense is combined with grit and determination, anything is possible in this world. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not in our hands but today is for certain because we have it in our hands now. Benjamin Franklin humorously says “nothing is certain in this world except death and taxes”. It is wise to approach things with certainty rather than being skeptical about it. “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush” is the famous proverb. Instead of hoping for a miracle that may or may not happen tomorrow, it is better to be satisfied with things that are certain today. Here are numerous quotes on certainty and are fit to be sent in ecard or mail to share it with your friends.


Joshua Aaron Guillory

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