Disillusionment Quotes & Sayings

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Disillusionment is akin to disappointment caused by mistaken and unwavering faith in someone. Disillusionment causes huge disbelief and you start doubting your own sense of judgement. To save yourself from disillusionment, make judgements wisely after sufficient critical analysis and proof-reading. Disillusionment is something that even daydreamers suffer. They build castles in the air and think of achieving unrealistic goals, thereby believing the weirdest people and things. Ultimately, they end up disappointing themselves and fall a prey to disillusion. The novel is said to be born as a result of disillusionment and the poem is a result of despair. Architects, who build grand buildings, are often the master builders of disillusionment. In the words of George Santayana, “Wisdom comes by disillusionment.” After successive disillusionments, at various junctures of time, a person becomes wise and learns from his past follies.


Paulo Coelho

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