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Hip hop is a culture of artistic expression originated by African-Americans in 1970’s New York. The first form of expression originated by hip hop was a spoken word form of music called Rap, in which the artist spoke rhymes to a beat in a fashion that captivated the listeners. Hip Hop later evolved to include its own form of dance, and this form of dance is called breakdancing. Breakdancing is a form of dancing associated with hip hop, and goes hand in hand with the elaborate hip hop beats, or background music made for the Hip-hop artists to rap over top of. Hip-hop is also accompanied by the art form of graffiti which has now even crossed into some parts of mainstream culture. Finally the MC is the person in Hip-hop who put things all together. An MC would rev the crowd up at performances, and some MC’s not only kept the crowd up and together, some MC’s perform hip-hop music as well.


Derrick Morris

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