Adultery Quotes & Sayings

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Adultery is defined as two wrong men doing the right thing is the saying by an unknown author but in bible and in all other holy books, adultery is condemned to the core. Even if some one says that adultery is the application of democracy of love, it can never be justified. A man who looks at other women with lust, apart from his wife, never gets peace of mind, fame or honor. But ironically, there are very few men in this world who do not commit adultery. This has led to women committing the same sin and trying to justify their action.

Various women react to adultery in various ways but the end result is that adultery is not a permanent thing, it can never give you full satisfaction, and it is only momentary. Most of the men agree that a mistress should be treated like a little country retreat near the town stay only for a night and move away. Send these quotes on adultery and let them be an eye-opener who have closed their eyes on their sins.


Kiki Strack

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