Impatience Quotes & Sayings

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Impatience is the restless desire for some change and excitement. Impatient people tend to get hassled and irritated with things that cause delay. Impatient people can't bear the times when the going gets tough and things don't function as per their wishes and fancies. Impatience can be a sure recipe to a disaster when you react out of anger. Short impulses and hasty decisions can lead to disaster and disappointment. So, one should learn to be patient with both people and things in life. Impatience in life can never let you feel blessed and happy. Stop craving for things to change and be patient with things. The fruits of patience are sweeter than the gifts of fortune. Be patient to reap the fruits of your hard work and labor. Hard work and all the toil that you will put into something will certainly reap results in some or the other form.



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