Male Chauvinist Quotes & Sayings

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Male chauvinists are many in this world, it is a mater of debate what makes males superior to females and who gave them the authority to be superior to females. But the chauvinism in males is running deep in the blood and they are inborn. In the opinion of male chavanist, wpmen is meant only for offering pleasure, giving birth to children and working in the kitchen. But this has been proved wrong for more than a century and here are more females than males who hold very high position in all spheres of life. Probably this has created an inferiority complex in men which makes them lash their male chauvinism now and then. To quote one male chauvinist, “in the beginning god created the earth and rested. Then god created man and rested. Then god created woman. Since then neither god nor man rested “. As long as women are subordinates to men, the ego of male chauvinism cannot be eradicated. Here is a collection of quotes on male chauvinism. Read them they are interesting.

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