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Nosey people otherwise known as nosy people are people that choose to be curious of someone else’s life and choose to gather information in a way that many would deem as offensive. Those who deal with nosey people on a regular basis are more apt to deal with the offensiveness of someone always prying into their business than someone who may not be used to people of such a nature. With the introduction of new technologies including hidden cameras using many different disguises, nosey people are now able to pry into another person’s business easier than ever. Nosey people though sometimes sly are usually very intrusive in nature and sometimes have trouble not showing how excited that they are when they find out bits of information that they may deem as juicy. Nosey is derived from the word nosy from 1620, and is thought to have received it’s meaning because of the word nose. For example, a person who likes to stick their nose in someone else’s business may be viewed as nosey


Mufti Ismail Menk

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