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The word “bi...y” is used to indicate someone who starts behaving like a bi... and starts sounding irritable, irksome and uncanny. bi...y people are the ones who indulge in a lot of or back-biting about others. “bi...y” is a term that is basically used to refer to girls because they are the sex which is more involved in back-biting or talking behind someone’s back. “Sexy, naughty, bi...y” was one of the popular talks sung by Tata Young which suddenly catapulted her to fame. bi...y people are malicious, spiteful and overbearing. bi...y people are supposedly quite blunt and outspoken but to the extent that they become annoying and irritating. bi...y people cannot be avoided and you cannot identify them or even see through your intentions. According to Jennifer Lopez, “It used to bother me being portrayed as this bi...y person, but now I feel that the public understands me better than some writer. There are people who know who I really am, and that's good enough for me



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