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A bi... is defined in the literal sense a female dog or canine, but in American slang it has numerous meanings. One meaning or way in which the word bi... is used is to describe a person, usually a woman that has a personality that comes off very strong and unpleasantly. Since Medieval times the word bi... has been used in this manner, and is found offensive by many women who are called this term . Another way in which the term bi... is used in slang is by describing a person who is willing to do any task for another person, no matter the cost, and even if the task is demeaning to their own good. bi... is also used in slang to describe a counterpart or friend by some in modern times, usually those of the female gender calling each other the term, as our language evolves. Care must be taken when using the word bi..., as one never knows if using the word will offend the person they are calling bi..., or even if just used in conversation.



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