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Being weird is being strange and uncanny. People who are weird are called so because of their peculiar habits which make them look eerie and different. At times, when you do something different which does not appeal to others, you are classified as weird. There is nothing bad about being weird, until you do something that is really strange. According to Taryn Manning, “If you are being weird or silly you can be excused because you are just playing a character.” Several times, weird things are the things which attract. You can look weird if you dress up weirdly. Weird outfits and dresses can be really appealing because they denote the creativity of the dress designer and the weird yet different dressing sense of a person. There is no issue in doing things which you find appealing yet others might find weird. Sometimes it requires great courage and the will to dare in order to try your hand at something eerie or weird.


Jeremy Limn

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