Fuck Friends Quotes & Sayings

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Fuck friends is a phrase used with utter anger, hatred and betrayal of friendship. Friends who a re not loyal, true and earnest are fuck friends it is better to wash hands off them and have one friend lesser in number than to have such fuck friends. In fact fuck friends are rather enemies who do no good. Instead they are a pain to others.” fuck friends just turn into snitches hoes and bustas” says a frustrated person. . a true freid is one who helps his or her friend in times of need, distress and trouble and lends a helping hand to wipe away the sorrow . But those who are in the mask of friends further cause more trouble by blowing the fire more and more. Such fuck friends should be identified and avoided completely. Whenever you get a faint doubt that the friend will not be true to you msut immediately cut her friendship and better stay away from them. Read these quotes on fuck friends and identify them


Meagan Bailey

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