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Negative love is all about love which can have negative repercussions rather than any positive ones. Love is a beautiful experience of life that you teach you several things. It teaches you how to give love, how to build understanding, care and concern for someone and changes you in several ways. Love is an experience which makes you a better person and changes you for the better. However, love can have negative influences as well. It all depends upon the company of your beloved. If he or she is not sound and very carefree and reckless, his or her company can even make you a similar kind of person. There are a multitude of people who believe that love is all about engaging yourself in short-term flings and doing time pass. The moment these people find someone better, they leave their current partner in a lurch and start going around with the other person. Such infidelity from your beloved can leave you crestfallen and dejected. This is typically the case when love can be termed as “negative love”. In the words of Jamar Wilson, “He knows I love him no matter what. He doesn't use negative comments. But he's a real motivator, and sometimes he doesn't do it in a positive way just so he can get a reaction from you.”



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