Self-harm Quotes & Sayings

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Self-harm is inflicting physical or mental pain on oneself. Self-harm is not good for any reason, whatsoever. If things go wrong and you are surrounded by adversities, don't make yourself go weak and harm yourself. Every situation should be faced valiantly. Coward and insane people harm themselves. In life, you should be ready to accept whatever comes your way and take it in your stride. The moments of sadness and the testing times should be lived and faced cheerfully and fearlessly. Causing harm to oneself especially because of being heart-broken for someone else is extremely foolhardy. One should be able to decide and make out when something or someone is just not worth it and try not to inflict harm on oneself because of someone or something which holds no stake or importance in our lives. One needs to possess great wisdom and rationality to be able to decide the things which deserve our energies and focus.


Sonya Parker

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