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Heroism is remarkable courage shown by a person, physically or morally. You should have confidence to execute heroism as Emerson says, “Self trust is the essence of heroism”. There are so many occasions where one can execute heroism and it all depends upon the occasion. It only needs a will power of steel and persistent effort to show heroism. Since we, humans have wandering minds, when one person shows the power of will and grit; he tends to prove his heroism. He stands apart from the crowd and is quite different from the common man. There are latest incidents like the September 11 or natural calamites like earth quakes and tsunami where heroism is exhibited by many people who rose to the occasion to save numerous lives. Not only in celluloid motion pictures and historic events, even in incidents like these, common men become heroes. Here are quotes on heroism; read them and you can emulate them.


Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

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