Stressed Out Quotes & Sayings

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When someone uses the term stressed out they say so implying that someone or something is experiencing major emotional strain, and is almost at its breaking point. People become stressed out for various reason, some of these reasons include; stressful unexpected situations such as being involved in a traffic accident or being trapped in an elevator. Becoming stressed out is also and is usually caused by the addition of new stress factors over time as well. For example someone who is stressed by certain situations in the work place may easily become stressed out to their maximum breaking point when their significant other adds more stress to their life by wanting to end their relationship because of unhappiness. Being stressed out isn’t only very unhealthy for someone’s mind and life, but it may also have severe consequences on the body, including a rise in blood pressure which can lead to complications of the heart including blood clots and heart attacks.


Evelyn Waugh

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