Staying Strong Quotes & Sayings

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Staying strong is extremely important in life. The emphasis is on being physically as well as mentally strong. Mental strength is nothing but the strength of your character. Those people who are mentally strong, stay unperturbed even in the face of adverse circumstances. Even when the chips are down, they always keep their chin up and never let any trouble or tension take its toll on them. Practicing yoga helps in developing mental toughness. It is also important to stay physically strong. If you are strong from within, you will hardly fall ill and will have great levels of immunity. You can develop physical strength by increasing your physical activity, becoming more agile and energetic. Physical strength when clubbed with mental toughness will surely go a long way in making you a force to reckon with. Don’t ever neglect physical and mental fitness. Grete Wiatz had remarked, “In terms of fitness and battling through cancer, exercise helps you stay strong physically and mentally.”



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