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Summertime - Summertime is any part of the year that is included in the warmest season of the year, summer. For most, summertime is the slang version of the word summer, and represents the activities and the feel of one’s spectacular life in the summer. Many say it is summertime in conjunction with a sentence that describes or indicates that someone wants to participate in activities that are usually only done in the few months of the summer. Summertime is a time of partying and good times for many. As Will Smith described summertime in his hit single “Summertime” off of his album with DJ Jazzy Jeff in 1991 “Homebase”, summertime is filled with nice sunny Sunday afternoons where teens and young adults spend time cruising in the parks, showing off their nice cleaned up vehicles, and getting better acquainted with members of the opposite sex. Summertime is viewed by most as the season with the most opportunities to have a good time because it is the time of the year in which most people have the freedom to vacation and spend time with their loved ones.



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