Safety Quotes & Sayings

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Fear is the father of courage and mother of safety. Safety is very crucial for those who drive on the road, workers in factories, while working in kitchen and all the time. Safety should be the first priority because only when all the parts of our body are safe and secure, we can enjoy life. Prepare and prevent don’t repair and repent is a famous proverb. William Shakespeare said, “The best safety lies in fear”. The concept of Safety should be taught to the children at their early age. The significance of safety is felt more by people who have met with mishaps. They would entirely agree that mishaps cannot be erased and therefore to avert mishap, the best way is to prevent them. Accidents occur only due to our carelessness. Hence be careful and alert and safety shall come your way. Those who work the safest way- live to see another day. Here are quotes on safety that are worth admiring and remembering for ever.


Joshua Aaron Guillory

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