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Quotes About Being A Mom
Quotes about Being_A_Mom
Tuesday, May 21
A real woman is the symbol of courage, strength and. A real woman is efficient at multi-tasking and can perform several roles together to perfection. She excels in managing and shuffling well between the various roles she has to play in her life, be it a mother, sister, daughter etc. It is said, “Frailty, thy name is woman.” For a real woman who is too strong from inside, this maxim does not hold true. As already mentioned a real woman excels in multi-tasking and performs all her duties well. A real woman has a well rounded and a multi-faceted personality that makes her more productive and creative than her male counterparts. In the society, a real woman deserves respect and adulation. A real woman is an asset to any society or family that she is a part of and is worthy of respect.